Walk - Fort Belan coastal circuit

This 4.6 mile almost entirely level walk follows the sandy shore and dunes along to the western mouth of the Menai Straits, then skirts around the curious and historic Fort Belan coastal fortress and its picturesque dockyard and harbour, returning along the saltmarsh edge of Y Foryd.

Outbound along the sands
Route: The walk starts from (and ends at) the end of the coastal approach road to Caernarfon Airport. The route along the minor roads to the airport is well signposted from the A499.

The walk follows the windswept shoreline, at its furthest point turning in to the tip of the Menai Strait, a point which was once guarded by the presence of Fort Belan (now a holiday cottage complex).

Continuing past these fortifications, the route skirts the picturesque Fort Belan dockyard, then returns inland alongside the saltmarshes which bound the edge of the airfield.

Returning, towards Snowdonia
Obstacles: The only significant obstacle is the scramble up the pebble bank as one reaches the tip of the peninsula.  The walk is best done on a low tide, as the exposed sand is much easier to walk along than the pebble bank or its grassy top along the dunes.

Sandy shoreline edged by a steep pebble bank
Parking: The carpark is beside the first airfield entrance, and has a number of picnic benches..

Car parking

Facilities: Cafe and public toilets in nearby Dinas Dinlle. Caernarfon Airport Cafe, Caffi Hems, is also nearby.

The Dinas Dinlle shoreline is good for a picnic, though it can be windswept!

Picnic spot with a view