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COVID-19 Lockdown Diary

Keeping spirits up and minds focused during the COVID lockdown has had many of us learning new skills and trying out all sorts of creative activities. One week I found myself trying to write short pieces of poetry, and the next step was to incorporate some of this into a short video animation. We’re out for dog-walks once each day “Permitted exercise,” they say It keeps me sane! We’re lucky, living where we do The hills are near, the beaches, too We roam from home... What would they say if they could talk, To drop a hint about a walk? Let’s get my boots... Anticipation, hope now stirs, We’ll soon be running through the furze Let’s get the lead... The human likes to plan the way, He goes prepared in case we stray He’s got the maps.. . We always stop to scoop the poop, Besides the route, a furtive stoop We’ve got the bags... And when we turn to wander back, We’ll take a break and have a snack We’ve got the bix! And when we’ve been across the bay, We wander back our weary way Back home to

Coronavirus Lockdown

This short video is a wistful vision anticipating  our next phase of activity after COVID-19 lockdown: The coronavirus "lockdown" caused us to suspend our 2020 dog-walking meets, as the government advice has been to  Stay at Home; Save Lives; Protect the NHS Meeting up in groups has been disallowed, and personal exercise and dog walking during the lockdown has to be done locally - the rule of thumb interpretation of  local  being about 5 miles. We humans are advised too to maintain a social distance each each other of 2 metres. Well, that does mean that the social aspect of the group has been curtailed, but several of us have used our exercise walks to keep exploring our familiar local routes and also finding new potential walks. We all hope that CORVID-19 stays at bay and that in good time a new normal will be reached and we can get out in the hills and dog-walk socially one again.