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Greyhound Style

We've learned a lot about how to deal with obstacles on our dog walks. We do try to travel equipped to cope with all sorts of challenges, and have learned all srots of useful strategies. One of the commonest obstacles we encounter is the ladder stile . JJ the labrador struggles over a typical ladder stile at Llanwrst These have proved to be quite a barrier to greyhounds , especially. Getting a greyhound over a ladder stile can be a bit like pushing a giraffe through a cat-flap. The legs go everywhere, and you're instantly aware that greyhounds are only built for speed on the flat, interspersed with dozing on sofas. We were delighted when Archie the greyhound took up the stile challenge, and mastered it! Thrilled with this success, Archie himself has collaborated with his human colleagues to produce this charming tongue-in-cheek publication illustrating his amusing take on the whole business of getting over stiles. It's available to  buy on Amazon , with all prof