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Stroll though coastal woodland between Vaynol Estate and Britannia Bridge

Picnic site in the Vaynol Estate                                Route : The route starts and ends at the Picnic Site in middle of the National Trust's Vaynol Estate.  There is a circular route through the Vaynol Estate and an opportunity for an additional branch up to Britannia Bridge and back. Britannia Bridge The route passes a semi-derelict mausoleum building deep in the Vaynol Wood. Mausoleum The route is through through parkland and woodland beside the Menai Strait, with several good places to stop for a picnic, too! The circular route throught the Vaynol Estate returns to the car park through the meadows. Footpath across the meadows Obstacles : The initial section beyond the picnic site passes briefly through a sheep pasture. The woodland paths are mostly well surfaced, but some short sections can be boggy in wet weather. Woodland paths The (optional) short concrete roadway down to the wharf below Britannia Bridge can be slippery underfoo