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Hike - Afon Dyrwyd and Llyn Decwyn

Beach beside Afon Dyrwyd                                      Route : The route starts from the roadside parking at the eastern end of Pont Briwet, close to Llandecwyn Station. This is the best starting point, as the route returns to this point along the banks of the Afon Dyrwyd estuary. View of Pont Briwet, the bridge over the Afon Dyrwyd esturay Follow the pavement along the roadside towards Llandecwyn, and cross the A496. Continue uphill through the houses, eventually turning left onto a public footpath through the fields, just as this road starts to zig-zag steeply uphill. The footpath follows the line of the electricity pylons up the valley towards Llyn Tecwyn Uchaf. Halfway up the valley, a less-distinct footpath leads of to the left, following a branch of the valley uphill to Allt-Gallch. Follow the footpath past the Allt-Gallch.farmstead, then descend the forestry track which zig-zags down into the next valley. Halfway down the track, the footpath veers